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Situation 17. Breakfast
내친김에 하나더..
졸리고, 배고프고, 졸리고, 배고프다.
틀린 문장이 많은 것 같은데.. 졸려서 더이상 들지지 않는다. Orz...

Situation 17. Breakfast

- Are your axe(?) going to be enough?
- Plenty(?). I wouldn’t mind another cup of coffee, do.
- You should eat a little more. It looks like you are going to have a big day at the office.
- You may be right. But I can’t really think a food right now. I’ve got too many other things in my mine.
- I just don’t want you to run out of energy today.
- Don’t worry. I will stop by from(?) the way to the office at Dunkin Donuts and I pick up a few donuts in case I get hungry between now and lunch.
- Oh, James. Donuts? Why don’t you eat a more neutresource(?) breakfast. You are not a college kid any more.
- You are right. But the fact is I love donuts. Always have, always well. Well, I should get going. I want to get to the office a little early today. I have to figure out a way to smooth things out between Steve and Mr. Burns.
- OK, honey. Have a good day. Ah, what time will you be home?
- I have a feeling Mr. Burns just planning to take care us to the dinner tonight to celebrate yesterday’s deal.
- Would it due(?) any good for me to ask you not to drink too much after dinner tonight?
- Probably not.
- Heum. I didn’t think so. But you know I have to ask anyway.
- Don’t worry, honey. If I drink tonight, I will take a taxi home.
- OK, have a good day. I will see you tonight.
- See you tonight.

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by 여비 | 2005/10/06 18:56 | ※ 잡동사니 | 트랙백 | 덧글(1)
트랙백 주소 : http://yobee.egloos.com/tb/705082
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Commented by 멍멍이 at 2005/10/08 02:51
진짜 졸리고 배고프긴 했나보네..틀린게 꽤 보이는 걸? 몇 시 였는데 졸리고 배고팠어? 혼자 있다고 굶고 다니는 건 아니지?

:         :


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